With 2017 well and truly kicked off and with Valentine’s Day just over 3 weeks away (which may mean you may receive a new special piece!), now’s the time to do a spring clean of your wardrobe, starting off with your jewellery collection!

For all the broken bits of costume jewellery that you might’ve kept “because you might find a use for it in future”, let’s face it, you won’t. It’s been broken for ages and you just haven’t gotten around to discarding it for whatever reason. It’s time to take out every single piece of jewellery you own, pick it up in your hands and ask yourself: Does this piece spark joy? If yes, put it aside. If not, give thanks to anything you haven’t worn in a long time, would never wear or is broken and discard it. Can you tell I’ve been listening to and implementing the cleaning genius that is Marie Kondo? You may think, that you won’t have any jewellery left by the end of this process, but if you’ve gone through this process, the things you’re left with are items you truly love – so it’ll be enough.

So after you’ve finished your clean, you might want to indulge yourself and find some new creative and beautiful jewellery storage solutions to house the jewellery items you truly love.

Here’s a roundup of our favourite 12 handmade jewellery storage ideas!

  1. A sweet hand painted pink and white with black splatter ceramic ring dish by Quiet Clementine.

Ceramic Ring Dish by Quiet Clementine


2. Unique and a seriously glam way to display your rings, these crystal ring holders by Modern Mud are a must for your bedside table!

Crystal ring holder by Modern Mud

3. These geometric concrete boxes are an edgy and minimalist way to house your sparkly jewels by Insek Design.

Marble concrete box by Insek Design

4. Combining two things we love, the shape of crystals and wood to house your favourite jewellery keepsakes by Mineral and Matter.

Wooden ring dish by Mineral and Matter

5. Scandinavian inspired and minimalist in it’s design, this earring holder is great for earring lovers, by Bon Maxie.

Hanging earring holder for Bon Maxie

6. Delicate and beautiful to place on your side table or bathroom counter, these simple ring cones are the perfect home for your rings collection, by Craft Monkees.

Ring holder cones by Craft monkees


7. This honeycomb design jewellery organiser is a creative way to display all your jewellery treasures, by Made in love design.

Jewellery organiser by Made in love design


8. For lovers of necklaces, this simple wooden necklace organiser means no more tangles and showcases your jewellery, by The knotted wood.

Wall necklace holder by Knotted wood


9. Finally, a home truly worthy of your jewellery, this geometric glass box is a gorgeous jewellery organiser, adding some shimmery cheer to your dressing table by Waen.

Geometric glass jewellery organiser by waen


10. For minimalist lovers, this lightweight wall mounted jewellery organiser is beautiful to organise and display your favourite jewellery pieces by Wood designd for you.

Wall mount jewellery display by Wood designd for you


11. For the ladies who don’t always wear their engagement rings due to their active lifestyle, love of gardening or other reasons, this geometric faceted ring box is the dreamiest home for your most favourite piece of treasured jewellery by King Secret Sharer.

Faceted ring box by King secret sharer


12. Customisable with hooks and even magnetic, this simple black pegboard jewellery organiser is a stylish way to keep your jewels organised and easy to access for those mornings when you need to dash out the door by Eina Design.

Pegboard jewellery display by Eina design







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