The beginning of February signalled the start of TAFE again. Thankfully. There was a lot of uncertainty towards the end of last year, especially since government funding was being cut for my jewellery and object design course. A lot of students didn’t know if they could afford to come back and with an estimated 500% increase in course fees from last year, it’s not surprising. (We’re already week 3 into the new year and we still do not have any concrete information about fees, despite having been promised that we were supposed to be notified last November.)

Luckily, despite all this, there were enough students who wanted to come back, to enable year 2 to go ahead. YAY!

We’re currently learning to use the lathe, forge, wax carve and raise.

I’m most looking forward to raising. Yup, that’s right. From a flat sheet of metal, I get to beat the sh*t out of it and hammer it into some sort of vessel.

I’m going to have guns the size of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s by the end of the year, hohohohoho.


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