Indulge yourself and find some new creative and beautiful jewellery storage solutions to house the jewellery items you truly love! Here's a roundup of our 12 favourite, creative and beautiful jewellery organiser ideas for your home!

12 creative and beautiful jewellery organiser ideas

With 2017 well and truly kicked off and with Valentine’s Day just over 3 weeks away (which may mean you may receive a new special piece!), now’s the time to do a spring clean of your wardrobe, starting off with your jewellery collection! For all the broken bits of costume jewellery that you might’ve kept

Ew! Why is my skin turning green from wearing chain story jewellery?!

Ew! Why’s my skin turning green from chain store jewellery?!

The allure and problem of trendy costume jewellery – your skin turning green! I must confess. I get a bit of a rush when see my favourite 4 letter word: SALE! 😄 Running my fingers through the jewellery racks, flipping each item back and forth gets my blood pumping in excitement for prospective treasures I

The Bridal Collection

He loves me, he loves me, he loves me!

Close your eyes and imagine this: It’s finally your engagement party! Freshly baked red velvet cupcakes dressed in red cupcake sleeves and chocolate cupcakes clad with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles sit on opposite ends of the wood grain table. Their buttery scents fills the house, making your tastebuds salivate. Red ripe watermelon and strawberries