Close your eyes and imagine this:

It’s finally your engagement party! Freshly baked red velvet cupcakes dressed in red cupcake sleeves and chocolate cupcakes clad with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles sit on opposite ends of the wood grain table. Their buttery scents fills the house, making your tastebuds salivate. Red ripe watermelon and strawberries cut out into heart shapes and juicy lychees sit enticingly in a large glass bowl . Generous balls of mozzarella and cherry tomato skewers drenched in extra rich virgin oil covered in freshly chopped basil leaves sit next to the cheese platter, filled with four varieties of hard and soft cheeses, figs, grapes, slices of fresh baguette and water thin wafers. And all these delicious treats, sit around the centre piece of the table – the gorgeous two layer buttermilk cake. YUM!

Bottles of bubbly sit chilling alongside the large glass flasks of freshly squeezed juice and the bowls of fruit. The champagne glasses are ready to hold mimosas for your guests to enjoy. The room is decorated with flowing green wreaths along the fire place, draped above in the crystal chandelier and on the dining table with sweet smelling white and pink peonies sprinkled throughout. Their beautiful sweet scents, emanate through the room, transforming it into a beautiful garden. Giant silver helium letter balloons, tied with white ribbon spell out “LOVE”, float just above the fire place. It’s perfect.

The door bell rings and you rush excitedly to the door. You pull open the door to greet your first guest. It’s your best friend Julia and her partner, Dylan. You excitedly hug one another as you usher them into the dining room, when the door bell rings again. The party is starting!

As more and more guests arrive you feel soo happy beaming ear to ear. You can’t believe it’s finally the day that you can celebrate this joyous occasion with so many people you love.  Your guests shower you with compliments over the food you’ve prepared and they think it’s delicious. As you step back to take a moment to take this all in, you decide that now would be the perfect moment to ask your best girlfriends, if they’d like to be your bridesmaids. You excitedly find Julia, Fiona and Maggie within the crowded party and take them by the arms into the quieter living room. You giggle nervously as you close the door behind the girls, sit them down on the leather couch and pull out three kraft paper bags. You present one to each of the girls and say: “I’ve got something I’d like to ask you girls! Open these!”

The girls animatedly pull out the kraft paper box, delicately untie the black satin ribbon and open up their boxes. As they lift up their lids, a beautiful piece of 3D printed sterling silver jewellery is revealed. The girls gasp in unison and gush over how beautiful their gifts are as they start trying on their pieces of 3D printed jewellery. “I love the delicateness of my ear cuffs! OMGSH – they have a little pearl in them too, look!” Fiona exclaims. “My ring is so beautiful – thank you soo much!” Julia chimes, with a huge smile. “OMGSH you’re the best, I love these earrings – they’re gorgeous! How do I look?”

“I’ve got something to ask you girls, would you be my bridesmaids?”

How thrilled would your bridesmaids be – if they received a special handcrafted item of 3D printed jewellery from Geometric Skies’ Bridal Collection to celebrate your wedding day in elegance and style?

What is 3D printed jewellery?

Inspired by Australia’s unique flora and fauna, this new 3D printed bridal collection would make the most beautiful and exciting gift for your lovely bridesmaids to not only look beautiful on your special day, but it’s the gift that they’ll always look beautiful and elegant wearing.

This 3D printed jewellery collection of sterling silver rings, studs and ear cuffs (and soon to be necklaces and bracelets!) are completed with Japanese fresh water pearls. Pearls are the naturally perfect gem. Their lustrous beauty is perfectly complimented against sterling silver’s brilliant shine. Each piece of this collection were designed and printed using the latest 3D printing technology. All pieces in this exclusive collection were lovingly designed with your magical wedding day in mind and hand finished to perfection, so you’ll look gorgeous and stunning.

Are you ready to gift your best girlfriends a special piece of jewellery that they’ll love and cherish when you ask them to celebrate your wedding day as one of your most beloved bridesmaids? Shop the collection now via my Etsy shop!

P.S. I also make custom designs, so send me a message via the shop!

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