Hygge is pronounced as “hoo-guh” (rhymes with cougar) and can be loosely translated to mean the feeling you get, when you’re comfortable. It broadly refers to a lifestyle that embraces the enjoyment of everyday experiences with a feeling of cozy contentment and positivity that’s central to life in the Nordic region.

This way of life is focused on the idea of making ordinary, everyday activities special or meaningful. This could involve brewing a pot of loose leaf tea with your favourite set of china, snuggling under a warm blanket and reading a book, enjoying the sweet scents of the latest in-season flowers or lighting a soy wax candle during dinner with friends or family at home.

So it’s all well and good to get cozy in winter, but how would you Hygge in the summer?

Summer time is perfect for hyggelig picnics – by the sea or at a park. Make the logistics easy and less stress for yourself and make it a pot luck. Otherwise barbeques are easy and a great alternative. Light up the coals or gas and cook together. Enjoy some cool beers, cocktails even (if you’re getting fancy!) and maybe even some games in your backyard!

Keen to learn more about Hygge and what it means for the Danish?

Check out the video below, where a selection of Danish describe and explains what Hygge means to them.


So how can I experience Hygge for myself on a day-to-day basis?

So having just experienced our coldest Winter day so far, I’m sharing my top picks of my favourite things to bring the Hygge.

P.S. Hygge is a state of mind, so no matter what you do, or where you go, you can always bring the Hygge. All you need to do is get comfy and savour the beautiful little moments everyday. Afterall, according to the World Happiness report, Denmark were ranked as the world’s happiest country in 2016. Perhaps Hygge is their secret!

For the bedroom

Knot cushion by Hang it Designs

Knot cushion by Hang it Designs: Hygge Trend


Minimalist copper wire + test tube vase by Geometric Skies

Minimalist copper wire + test tube vase: Hygge Trend


Chunky knit blanket by Saint Wools

Chunky knit blanket: Hygge Trend

For the bathroom

Goats milk or honey body soaps by The Charming Frog

Goats milk or honey soaps: Hygge Trend

Hot Chocolate bath bomb by Nur Organics

Hot chocolate bath bomb: Hygge Trend

Honey kelp mask by Lenus Handcrafted

Honey kelp face mask: Hygge Trend


For the living room

Wild spruce soy wax melts by Penrose Candles

Wild spruce soy wax melts: Hygge Trend


Geometric wooden lamp by Domsalnca Wood

Geometric wooden lamp: Hygge Trend


Pizza is true love art illustration by The Third Life Crisis

Pizza is true love: Hygge Trend

For the kitchen

Stoneware ceramic mugs by Clay Canoe

Ceramic mugs: Hygge Trend

Wooden cutting board and tray by 24D Studio

Large wood cutting board: Hygge Trend

Sticky Chai Tea leaves by Sticky Chai

Sticky Chai Tea: Hygge Trend





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