Jewellery & Objects: Landmark Exhibition 2014

The students of the jewellery and objects department at the Design Centre, Enmore hold an end of year exhibition to showcase and sell student work produced during the year.

Each year group is allocated different responsbilities and as a first year, we don’t really get to see the “behind the scenes stuff” the 2nd and 3rd years get up to. Although we had gotten updates throughout the year, it’s hard to wrap your head around it all until you see it with your own eyes. So it was only until the day of bump in, that I finally understood how much organisation holding an exhibition requires.

Wednesday 7.00am

Bump in begins.  Still bleary eyed, the coffee had not kicked in yet. Damn. Our mission was to load white plinths, perspex cases, large, white MDF boards, all the jewellery work to be exhibited, lights, tools, alcohol etc into a truck. We were expecting a large truck, and naturally Murphy’s law kicked in and only 1 small truck arrived. Lovely. A last minute “panic attack” scramble resulted in a second small truck being dispatched and a few students driving their cars to cart the rest of the stuff to Brand X.

8.30am + 40 mins


The first truck arrives at the loading dock and we start unloading the plinths and MDF boards and begin stacking it all into the loading dock lift. Halfway through unloading truck #1, luckily 2 extra removalists arrived to help to unload the rest of truck #1 and truck #2. #Winning!



Side note: Whilst we were unloading literally truck loads of stuff, only 1 of the security guards working in the loading bay helped out. (He was so nice – the one that helped us move stuff). The others were just sitting around, chatting to each other, trying to look all macho and manly, with their arms folded and trying to stick out there chests and sucking in their guts, sucking up to the suits that were visiting. Bleh.

Once all the trucks and cars were unloaded, the plinths were organised into place and the perspex boxes matched to the corresponding size plinth and all perspex boxes were wiped down.

Each large MDF board had to have wooden hooks measured, drilled and hung onto the wooden crate lined walls. Extra lights had to be wound around long aluminium strips of metal and strategically secured to the  chains secured to the existing lighting.

Each box of work was then placed onto each plinth. The laser cut decorative styrofoam was placed on each plinth and the work was unwrapped and curated accordingly. Numbers were then stuck next to the work as per the stock list, so the name of the piece, materials, price, artist etc

Did I mention that there were over 500 pieces of work selected for the exhibition?

Now we’re just revealing the tip of the amount of organisation involved on the day before the exhibition…

With all the bump in work behind us…


Thursday Exhibition Opening night – let’s party!

Catered by Miss Chu’s, nom nom Vietnamese rolls circulated around and were washed down by a generous bar tab. Weeeee! Students took shifts to answer queries from guests, sell work, and act as cashiers. There was some really stunning work, such as ahem, handmade kettles! UM HELLO, WOW!! Vagina brooches and #D printed jewellery to name a few.

Landmark Exhibition

Wabi, Sabi, Suki: Emotion, Unstable

Landmark Exhibition

Sustainability – Ear Cuffs: Fight Animal Testing

Landmark Exhibition

Cold Connections: Chiselled necklace pendant

Landmark Exhibition

Looks pretty smashing eh?

Have you been involved in organising an exhibition?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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