Come behind the scenes and see how a metal bowl is raised from a flat sheet of metal! Click through to read the full post or save the pin to read later!

One of the technical skills we’re currently learning is how to raise. You may be thinking, what do you mean by “raising”? What are you Monica? Some sort of magician that can raise stuff to float in mid air? Huh?! Fortunately for your sake and everyone else’s, I am no magician. But armed with a hammer and a wooden stake, anything is possible. Including, “raising” a vessel (some sort of hollow container) up from a flat sheet of metal. Yup. From a sheet of metal that is flat like a pancake, once you hammer it like there’s no tomorrow, magically it turns into a vessel. Voila!

1) Start off by cutting out a circle… not with any average saw, but using bench shears! Oh-boy, are these things were sharp! If only we had been introduced to its existence before, it would’ve made life so much more simple…

2) Mark out the circle into 8 segments.

3) Place the circle onto the V shaped stake and from the outer part of the circle, use the hammer and hit inwards towards the centre to make a crimped wave around the entire circumference

4) Once you have finished crimping your work, it’s time to start raising, yay! Using the bigger side of the hammer, hold the work piece at a 30degree angle to the stake and start hitting the crimps in the middle, then on the right side, then on the left side to flatten the crimp down. Keep rotating the work piece in a circular fashion and continue raising in a spiral all the way to the edge of the work piece until all the crimps have been flattened and the walls are raised into a relatively angular but level plane.

5) Using a planishing hammer, start lightly hammering any bumps on the inside of the work piece to smooth things out.

6) You’re ready to start your next level of raising!


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