After 15 hours and 15 minutes of flight and transit time, it was straight off the plane and into my first day of class at the Design centre in Enmore. Running on about 3 hours sleep and drugged up on coffee and adrenaline, it was straight into saw piercing in my practical cluster class. We’ve been practising our sawing along straight, curved and diagonal lines, which have been fine and dandy – but what’s been most tricky, is filing a piece of brass into a perfect square. In theory it sounds quite easy, after a piece of metal has been cut with the guillotine, there are a few bumps and gaps to file away, but nuuuuuu. It’s tedious as hell being extremely accurate and filing each edge to be perfectly straight. After 8 hours of filing, the satisfaction that comes, when you have your finished perfect square is immeasurable. :)

Just having finished my first full week back at school, I spent time sketching, learning how to use Indesign, examining sculptures and paintings and re-creating the elements and principles of design with paper. I thought I’d never say this, but homework is actually fun! Who knew that this wasn’t an oxymoron? For one subject, as part of the assessment criteria, we have to visit galleries and exhibitions – I love visiting these. #winning!


A day in the life of a jewellery designer

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