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Sydney based designer, Maria Izvestkina is an emerging fashion, textile and graphic designer. With a style that’s effortless, modern and experimental in its minimalism, in this edition of our emerging designer interview series, Maria opens up to us about her career, creativity and dreams.

How did you make a start in fashion? Did you study or take a course?

I have always been drawn to creative self expression through fine art. I have started from doing a course in visual arts and graphic design. After completing that, I wanted to challenge myself somehow and try something different but still expressive… I’ve decided to do a degree in fashion design, and once I’ve tried it, I could not stop.


Describe your work space and how has grown and adapted to your business?
As I’m only at the beginning stage of my career, I’m currently working on my pieces at home, in my living room. Before I was living in a small studio with no space, so I had to make all my patterns on the tiny spot on the floor. Since then it has changed, but I know I can still work within small  area. :) I have all the tools I need, which I collected throughout the years of studying fashion.


How do you record your ideas and inspiration for range?
I have many many diaries, where I do my scribbles, collages, notes, drawings, fabric selections. I’m also a big fan of Pinterest, it is a bit more organized than my diaries and it’s endless. I love an idea of having an organized diary, but whenever it comes to a new collection, all the inspiration and ideas come to me at random times and places and I have to always carry a pen and paper with me to write it down and then think of it later.

Maria Izvestkina

If you could design an item of clothing for anyone, who would it be, what would it be and why?
I would be happy to design a piece for anyone. I like an idea of various personalities and how clothing can enhance your personality. When I see a piece of clothing that, I feel belongs to me, I know it straight away. As a designer I would be happy to design for someone who feels like my clothing belongs to her and enhances her individuality.


Who is your favorite artist and why?
There are so many of them but if I have to pick, it would be Gustav Klimt for his courage in expression of his ideas and unbelievable attention to details. I also want to mention Issey Miyake, for make so many things possible.

What do you personally hope to bring to the Australian fashion landscape?
I hope to bring fashion that is more experimental, that provokes a thought. I hope to produce fashion that promotes self-expression and confidence in who you really are.

Maria Izvestkina

What creative (or non-creative) pursuits do you enjoy outside of work?
I enjoy photography and cinematography, they provoke emotion and that is what I think the most precious thing in contemporary world. I like being active during my spare time, as I heard someone said ‘resting is just another activity’.


Describe a dream creative project you would love to undertake?
At this stage the dream creative project for me would be to work with one of those people in fashion, who I admire and respect. It is the process that fascinates me the most. I would also love to work in fashion within innovation context. I think that would be something quite challenging and beneficial.

Do you ever feel exhausted? Or dream of the stability of a 9-5 job?
I do feel exhausted and frustrated sometimes, but then after all, when everything is done and I see my creations, it is really worth it. Whenever I decide to take a break from designing, I always find myself recording more ideas and thoughts, so I think I probably can’t take a break, I will always have an urge to create. Stability would be great but not for the cost of creativity and doing something I love.


Do you have any advice for others who wish to turn their passion into a business?
Learn as much as you can about the business and financial side of it. Collaborate with other creatives and industry people. Do not underestimate the power of social media and self promotion.


Where can we be friends and get social?
You can find her work at
Instagram: @mariaizvestkina
Facebook: Maria Izvestkina

Maria Izvestkina

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