Emotion Ring

Following on from my last post, here are some progress shots and a little commentary about my second ring titled “Emotion” for my Wabi Sabi Suki project.

“The old gang doesn’t exist anymore! The gang is now a married couple who I never see anymore, who’s about to have their third child. It’s my ex-husband hitting on slutty cops right in front of me. And it’s the guy who I probably should’ve ended up with and the beautiful mother of his child. Who in their right mind would still call that group of people, ‘the gang’?”

This scene from “How I met your mother” and the Japanese tenets, Wabi-Sabi were the inspiration for my ring titled Emotion. Itoh defines Wabi as the “refined and elegant simplicity found in the natural qualities inherent in the object” and Sabi as “things growing old and becoming less conventionally beautiful through the natural progression of time.” The meaning of Wabi-Sabi is often interlinked; and together it describes how things are often impermanent, imperfect and incomplete which perfectly captures the essence of the tenets and the scene, which are embodied in my ring.

The scene shared above depicts that with the passing of time, each member of the group started to drift apart and head in different directions in their lives. The asymmetry, abrupt angles and sharp corners of the kite shaped polygons on top of the ring are representative of this shift. Not only have their relationships with one another grown apart, the different shaped triangular negative spaces on select sides of the kite shaped polygons, represents the gaps that have formed as the group of five are now, almost strangers to one another.

The silver symmetric “U” shaped ring shank representing the solidarity of the friendship contrasts starkly in colour and shape to the grey-black appearance of the two kite shaped polygons, adding to the idea that the solid friendship bonds that they once shared have become deformed, and is now only a mere shadow of what they used to share. The scene is heartbreaking, but is a cold reality check that shows that even the best of things in life are impermanent.

For this ring shank, I cut out two rectangular plates, then hammered them into shape using a ring mandrel and mallet. I soldered the innermost ring onto the flat plate then slipped the outer ring onto and soldered this onto the flat plate too.

Then I cut off the excess from the top plate and filed/emeried the burs a little…

Emotion Ring

Next up were the two kite shaped polygons. I cut out the mini triangular cut outs first, then filed away at the scribe lines in preparation to bend the metal along those filed lines…

(I actually “aimed” to design a ring that featured lots of curves and circular shapes, but somehow… I ended up with something angular, geometric and asymmetric… hm….)


Emotion Ring

Scratchy, scratchy…

Emotion Ring

Emeried and shiny… ooooooooooh.

And then they were bent (with a “little” encouragement from a range of different pliers… it’s not that easy to bend planes when they’re different shapes and small… note taken.)

Emotion Ring

Forming a nice smiley face now, we were about to reach the final step!

Emotion Ring

The top of the ring was painted black with JAX silver blackener, cleaned up, fire scale removed and voila!

What do you think of “Emotion”?

Emotion Ring


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