Wabi Sabi Suki: The 3 Japanese tenets

Having finally laid to rest our first project, which was to make a necklace pendant (that took me about 60 hours to make from start to finish), I’m relieved we’re moving on to a new project. Yaaay!

For our next project, we’re to make two rings. Ooooooh. We’re allowed to use different metals and non-metal materials, but the inner band must be sterling silver (hello fire scale!) and the overall design shall be in the aesthetic of two of the Japanese tenets below:

Wabi: Tranquil simplicity

Sabi: Patina of age

Suki: Subtle elegance

Being fortunate enough to have holidayed in Japan over Christmas and New Years earlier this year, I feel privileged that I got to see firsthand, just how beautiful, eccentric and magical Japan is and my trip reinforced the fact that beauty is indeed found in the subtle details.

Check out the sand at Ginkaku-ji, Kyoto that was hand swept! That mound of sand in the background was formed by hand too. ginkakuji-1

Loved the bright vermillion and the repetition at Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto.

Owakudani - Miyajima - Hakone - Tokyo - Ginkaku-ji


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